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Follow us on instagram!

Follow us on instagram!

We have joined the hype by joining Instagram! See the @jnsaccountants page now on the app. We have noticed it has been a great marketing tool for businesses and wanted another way to keep in touch with potential and existing clients. This is also a part of our aim to reinvent ourselves, now that we are in a new year and want to expand our reach and current target market.

We are opening up to an interactive approach, we are happy for people to contact us and act questions with ease opposed to more formal initial conversation. We are aware that many may narrow a search down to a few companies before beginning to make calls and we would like to make that process easier.

Instagram is a platform which many use often on their smart phone devices, giving brands a presence in daily searches. If you want to compete in business, you need to be where your competitors are and give consumers choice as well as thinking outside the box in terms of marketing strategy.

We encourage you to follow us for updates and news, we would love to follow you back and keep up to date with your business and entrepreneurial ventures also. We would also appreciate if all past and current clients can leave a review on Facebook, Yelp or Yelp. We pride ourselves on the testimonies we have complied over the years JNS Accountants have been in business and we know it is important to keep these up to date in order to evaluate ourselves and ensure we continue improving and offering the best service possible.

Many thanks in advance for your support.