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Good remuneration packages are important in attracting and keeping the right quality staff. 

We will carry out detailed calculations to identify the very best way of extracting cash and profits from your company in the most tax efficient manner.

You will benefit from a remuneration planning meeting giving you a ‘jargon-free’ explanation of the advantages and disadvantages of the differing ways to extract cash and profits out of your limited company. 

You will benefit from an overview of your tax planning options to ensure that you understand the most tax-efficient ways of withdrawing money from your company.

You will get a Plain English report setting out your options, the amount of tax you can save and our recommendation of the best tax saving strategy for you and your business, which means you will have a permanent record to refer back to.


We would look at:
  • Efficient remuneration strategies/packages;
  • Company car and van strategies;
  • Employee Benefits planning;
  • Expense dispensations.