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At JNS Accountants, we recognise and understand the need for every business to have their year-end financial statements accurately prepared and presented. You can be assured that your accounts are prepared to agreed timescales and deadlines. However, we can do more than just report on out-of-date performance, we can do the following:

  • Produce full financial statements for your eyes only, and file where applicable, Micro Entity or Abridged accounts at Companies House to ensure the minimum amount of your financial information is made public.
  • Identify areas where we can assist in minimising your tax liability via efficient tax planning, taking advantage of tax reliefs and allowances.
  • Help you understand your tax liability and identify the requisite means to ensure your business maximises it's profitability and yet remain compliance.
  • Identify areas of the business that give you the most opportunity to make improvements.
  • Use the accounts to help you measure where you are in meeting your goals and what actions you need to take.
  • Explain your accounts in simple terms instead of jargon, so that you fully understand what is going on financially within your business thereby helping you to better plan for the future.
We provide a tailored service for:
  • Sole Traders
  • Partnerships
  • Limited Companies
  • Charities
  • Social Enterprises

FRS105 -  FRS102 - IFRS - SORP